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When visiting with Doug and Jan Roskelley at their winery/vineyard outside Milton-Freewater, one gets the sense that they have always lived there. But such is not the case. In 2007, they made the big leap from their home in Woodinville, Washington, trading a successful home-modeling business for a farm. However, if you’re imagining a ramshackle farmhouse on a dusty plot of land, think again. No, their new life began with the purchase of the renowned 25-acre Windrow Vineyards, which had plenty of space to build a production facility and a new home. Needless to say, Doug’s background as a remodeler has came in handy.

Of course, you have to come up with a memorable name when you launch a winery, and Doug worked and reworked various names, but came to a dead end. He was nearly ready to give it up, but then the idea hit him to combine the first two letters from his last name, Roskelley, with the first two letters of the last name of his winery partner and friend, Mike Tembreull. A little shuffling of letters and he came up with TERO Estates. The fact that “TERO” plays on the word terroir is a bonus.

At the TERO Estates tasting room, located at street level inside the Marcus Whitman Hotel, you can sample the wines of TERO Estates and Flying Trout. While Doug and Jan were getting started with their winery, they developed a strong friendship with Ashley Trout (winemaker for Flying Trout). Wanting to focus on winemaking and not be shackled with the business side of owning a winery, she’s partnered with Doug and Jan.

WineTrail tip: Don’t miss TERO Estates’ S.T. (Super Tuscan), a blend of cabernet with a sangiovese backbone. Bet you can’t sample just one. It’s pure Walla Walla heaven.

Tero Estates