Gamache Vineyard

Gamache Vineyard, planted in 1982 and owned/managed by Roger Gamache, is in the White Bluffs of the Columbia Valley. This site sees heat units of 2,800-3,200 and 6-8" of rainfall annually and varied soils of Warden Series sandy-loam mix to areas strewn with caliche.  The vines are all Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) trained.  Almost since our beginning, we’ve sourced Malbec from Roger due to the site’s huge mouthfeel and subtle spices. The Malbec was planted in 2003 and is comprised of a blend of clones 4 and 9. During hot years, this Malbec manages to retain its acidity and during cold, it achieves lush ripeness when others do not. The skins off of this site are some of the thickest we work with, resulting in high tannins, color and rich phenolics.


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